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Sauna Seat Covers

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Who we are

SaunaCare offers hygienic disposable sauna seat covers for all the saunas around the world. SaunaCare seat covers are made of Finnish pulp with decades of expertise and experience.



SaunaCare Premium

SaunaCare Premium seat covers are disposable one-time-use covers for saunas. Thanks to its 3-layer structure SaunaCare Premium seat covers are resistant to both heat and moisture and it gives 100% protection against the bacterias laying in the sauna benches.
The size of the SaunaCare Premium seat cover is 41 x 41 cm which makes it suitable for both small and large sauna-goers.

You can find more information from our Products- page!

Disposable Sauna Seat Covers

With SaunaCare seat covers you will save money, energy and water, as well as maintain the well-being of you and your sauna. You can learn more about the cost and energy savings from our Sustainability - page!

Packages of Disposable Sauna Seat Covers

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