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Privacy statement


1. Register holder

Name: SaunaCare Oy
Business ID: 3167708-1
Address: Rionkatu 14 B 28, 00220 Helsinki

This privacy statement describes SaunaCare Oy's current privacy policy.


2. Person in charge of registry matters

Name: CEO Janne Ekström, SaunaCare Oy
Contact information:

3. Name of the register

Personal register of SaunaCare Oy's processing of personal data in marketing and customer and stakeholder relations.

4. Purpose of the processing of personal data and legal basis for the processing

The purpose of the processing of personal data is to manage customer relationships, communicate and, for example, make various inquiries. Personal information is used for company communications, marketing and sales.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the legitimate interest of the controller in processing the data and communicating it to the contact persons of the stakeholders on matters related to their area of ​​responsibility.

Personal information is collected from registered individuals and from public sources, such as the Internet, public corporate websites, online social services or other similar registers in accordance with data protection legislation.

5. Information content of the register

The register processes the following information:

    contact information such as name, email address, and phone number

    job-related information, such as job title and area of ​​responsibility

    information about the employer company

    information about the marketing content used by the data subject, such as message opening and click information

6. Recipients or groups of recipients of personal data

Personal data will be disclosed to the authorities within the limits permitted and required by applicable law.

SaunaCare Oy may use the services of third parties in data processing, for example with regard to information technology services, in which case SaunaCare Oy ensures the lawful processing of data through contractual arrangements and by instructing third parties on data processing. Third parties may vary. These third parties process information only on behalf of and on behalf of SaunaCare Oy.

7. Transfer of personal data to a third country

Some of the services related to the processing of personal data used by the controller may operate outside the territory of the Member States of the European Union or the European Economic Area. In this case, the transfer of data complies with the requirements of data protection legislation and, for example, the European Commission's model contract clauses are used when agreeing on the transfer of data with the data controller.

8. Retention period of personal data

Personal data will be kept for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected in accordance with this privacy statement. The storage of personal data takes into account personal data that has become inactive and is deleted regularly.

9. Rights of data subjects in the processing of personal data

The right to inspect the information

The data subject has the right to check what information about him is stored in the personal register and to receive a copy of the information. The registrant should send an inspection request to The data subject shall provide in the request for verification the information necessary to search for the information. If necessary, the controller will ask for additional information to identify the data subject.

The response to the request for verification will be sent to the person requesting the verification by e-mail, unless the data subject requests otherwise.

Right to rectify information

SaunaCare Oy takes care of the quality of the personal data it processes according to its own possibilities. SaunaCare Oy corrects, deletes or supplements incorrect or unnecessary personal information on its own initiative or at the request of the data subject.

Right to restrict processing

The data subject has the right to have SaunaCare Oy restrict the processing if the data subject disputes, for example, the accuracy of personal data. In that case, the processing shall be limited to the time during which the controller can verify their accuracy.

The right to request the deletion of data or to object to the processing of data

The data subject has the right to request the deletion of his or her personal data or to object to their processing when it is based on a legitimate interest. The registrant always has the right to object to direct marketing by sending an e-mail to

Right to appeal to the supervisory authority

The data subject may lodge a complaint against the processing of personal data with the supervisory authority, which is the Data Protection Officer.

10. Changes to Privacy Policy

SaunaCare Oy may make changes to this privacy statement and related information. SaunaCare Oy recommends that registrants visit this data protection policy regularly to receive information about any changes made to it.

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