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SaunaCare Premium


From the land of over 3 million saunas – SaunaCare Premium seat covers - cost efficient, hygienic and climate friendly product for homes, hotels and spas!

SaunaCare Premium seat cover consists of two layers of tissue-paper with a pe-film which gives the seat cover its hygienic and thermal protection.


The size of the seat cover is 41 x 41 cm which makes it suitable for both small and large sauna-goers.

One SaunaCare Premium package includes 120 pcs of disposable seat covers.  The package is   21 x 21 x 21 cm so it needs only a limited amount of space.

Box of disposable sauna seat covers.

The SaunaCare Premium seat cover package comes with a ribbon which you can use to fix the seat covers for example to a towel hook !

Handy ribbon to hang the sauna seat cover box.

SaunaCare Premium seat covers will be delivered on a custom made transportation package so the seat covers can be easily stored in a warehouse or similar storage facility.

One transportation box contains six pieces of seat cover packages. One euro-pallet can take twenty transportation boxes. This means over 14.000 seat covers on a pallet!

Transportation package for disposable sauna seat covers.


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